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How to open a Facebook page

Open a Facebook page to promote your business? Simple and effective

Opening a page on Facebook can become the heart of our online promotional activity. Why? Because 58% percent of the Italian population, i.e. 35 million people, use the Social Media. Facebook, in particular, is the third most visited site in terms of average monthly traffic, after YouTube and WhatsApp, with users browsing it for an average of 1 hour and 51 minutes per day.

These data alone explain how Facebook, if used well, can become a very powerful business tool for increasing the visibility of our business on the web, be it a company, an association, a brand or a blog.

Opening a Facebook page can really make a difference from a promotional point of view as it allows us to have visible and monitorable advantages, for example:

  • increase our brand reputation;
  • offer us direct contact with our target audience, allowing us to improve customer service;
  • provide us with statistics and reports on our community to continuously implement our promotion strategy.

Opening a page on Facebook is also simple it's completely free. Before I start explaining how to open a company Facebook page I want to remind you that it is mandatory to have a personal account as it is not possible to create and manage pages without an administrator.

How to open a page on Facebook

Let's get to the operational phase of how to open a page on Facebook. The first thing to do is connect to the following link create a page and select one of the two macro-categories present:

  • Company or brand to promote your business online, sell products etc.
  • Community or public figure to group together people with common interests or fans of a public figure

From here it is possible to indicate the name of the page and the category most suitable for our activity among those that appear suggested.

By clicking on "Continue", the next step will be to insert a profile and cover image that will allow us to give an immediate and correct impression of the brand or community to our target audience.

Here is the useful page for creating a new Facebook page for your company.

Personalize your Facebook page

Once these simple steps have been carried out, the Page is ready to be customized in all its aspects. Among these the most important are:

  • Creare un Nome utente per la pagina which will be displayed in a personalized web address to make it more recognizable and traceable. Your username should match your Page name as closely as possible.
  • Enter General Information and a short description, which will also help us index the page on Google.
  • Add phone, email address and website.

Facebook also offers additional tips to increase the visibility and success of our Page, for example:

  • Invite your friends to like it – you can send a message to your friends to invite them to “like” the page. This way they will be able to receive updates in their News Feed.
  • Add Page roles – for shared management of the Page.
  • Help people perform actions – allows you to add custom buttons that invite the user to action, for example send a message, make a reservation or visit the website.
  • Create a group for your Page – allows the page's followers to connect with each other to discuss, organize events and share information.

At this point our Facebook page has been created with the completeness necessary to welcome our audience and positively impact the positioning that regulates the visibility of the posts.

Just don't forget that opening a page on Facebook is one real marketing operation and therefore, to function best, it must have personality, be continuously updated with new and engaging content and select the audience to which it communicates.

Let Help Me Post help you manage your Facebook Page

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Help Me Post is a tool that allows you to adequately manage all activities on Social Media. It is suitable for companies that want to administer their presence on social media without relying on a professional, but also for agencies and professionals to plan and automate multiple operations on multiple social platforms. Not only Facebook therefore but also Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

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