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How to enter the foreign market with Facebook

How to enter the foreign market with Facebook Lookalike audiences and obtain new customers outside the commercial sector of your country.

The sudden globalization we have witnessed in recent decades has significantly reduced the distances between the various nations. This concerns every aspect of daily life, even more so working life, where business opportunities have increased dramatically, especially with regards to foreign investments.

In fact, the new marketing tools allow entrepreneurs to interface with a very different target from that present in the national reference market, with acquiring a new audience outside national borders. Facebook represents an ideal means of communication in this regard, thanks to specific features indicated for becoming part of the international market. So here are some opportunities on how to enter the foreign market with the features offered by Facebook.

How to enter the foreign market with Facebook

Social networks take on a fundamental connotation when you have the aspiration to conquer new markets. Facebook is certainly no exception, with the concrete possibility of spreading its brand and making it known to millions of potential consumers. Even today, in fact, there are hundreds of millions of users who access their personal profile every day, thus representing a large pool from which to draw propose products or services that the company markets.

This is a real opportunity to invest in foreign countries and expand the scope of your business reality. But how to enter the foreign market? The US media has made one available in this regard very useful tool that SMEs and large multinationals they can employ for a winning and effective marketing strategy outside national borders. We are talking about the concept of Lookalike audience.

how to enter the foreign market

What does Lookalike audience mean

This term refers to a group of people, potentially interested in the services that an entrepreneurial activity offers on the market, with peculiarities particularly similar to their followers. We are talking about users who, even if they don't know the brand, have characteristics quite similar to their audience, and therefore most likely interested in what your company has to offer.

To understand what is a Lookalike Audience we must therefore imagine a strategy aimed at creating a new audience through an in-depth analysis of the subjects already profiled, for example:

  • those who follow their Facebook page
  • who has already visited their website
  • who made a conversion

It represents an excellent expedient on how to enter the foreign market, attracting a new target with a high probability of becoming an active user.

How to create a Lookalike Audience

how to create a Lookalike Audience

To start a campaign on how to enter the foreign market with Looklike audiences it is necessary to follow these simple steps;

Manage Ads > Audiences > Create Audiences > Similar Audiences

Later you will have to choose an origin from which to extrapolate the characters to search for in the new audience, therefore the target already profiled (for example the profiles who have visited the site or subscribers to the newsletter). Once this is done, the country in which to start the search must be selected, with a size from 1 to 10 relating to how much public "calculate". An ideal number is between one thousand and ten thousand subjects, the ideal size for a quality database.

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