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How to save Whatsapp chats: the steps to follow

How to save Whatsapp chats: what is the solution to adopt in case of formatting or replacing your smartphone.

Whatsapp is a service that certainly needs no introduction, being one of the most used applications in the world. Millions of users use it every day to communicate and send messages via mobile devices. More than ten years after its release, it continues to maintain its leadership, not at all undermined by fierce competitors of the caliber of Telegram. The credit goes to a fluid system, with an intuitive and certainly very attractive screen.

However, one aspect that may cause some concern is undoubtedly the method of saving conversations. In fact, as soon as you reset the factory data or change your phone, the messages present are permanently deleted. This is a big problem, especially for those who need to have access to written dialogues exchanged over time.

Fortunately, it is possible to remedy this situation by protecting all the data and information present within the app. So here it is how to save Whatsapp chats present on your terminal.

How to save Whatsapp chats

One of the most popular questions when it comes to doing a factory data reset on a smartphone or tablet is related to how to save Whatsapp chats. Formatting everything inside the application is deleted, unless a backup is made. To do this just follow a few simple steps.

How to backup Whatsapp:

  • Open the application
  • Head to the three dots icon at the top right
  • Click on Settings
  • Chat
  • Chat backup
  • Back up

This way the conversations will be saved to Google Drive. At the same time, a healthy habit is to activate the periodic saving of history (daily, weekly or monthly) and therefore not just manual. This backup allows you to have a safe copy in case of problems that may affect your phone, so you can download everything to another device.

You can also choose the mode (i.e. with wifi or mobile network) or whether to include videos or not.

How to save Whatsapp chats

How to backup a single chat

Beyond how to save Whatsapp chats, in the event that there is no need to save all conversations, it is possible to export the history of a single chat. Even in this case the procedure is quite basic:

  • Enter one of the chats
  • Click on the options (the three vertical dots)
  • Other
  • Export chats (with or without additional files such as photos or videos)
  • Select the icon to send the chat to

The conversation is sent via .txt file to a gmail address, to a device via Bluetooth or to Drive.


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