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How to view Instagram stories in incognito?

how to watch instagram stories anonymously

How to see the stories instagram in disguise? Let's discover together some interesting tricks for viewing your friends' stories in incognito mode.

Instagram is a social platform that allows its users to share photos, posts and videos with followers quickly and easily. In fact, every month over a billion people interact within this network with the desire to show off their daily lives, or simply with the goal of communicating with others. These are significant numbers that testify to an unprecedented success, made possible thanks to the presence of interesting functions such as stories, immediate content published on the personal profile for a maximum duration of 24 hours.

You who are reading these lines will most likely have a private profile that you access daily, observing the posts of your friends or yours. influencers favorites. And maybe you would like to watch the stories of a friend of yours without being seen, perhaps using some sort of Incognito browsing that allows you to view them without the person themselves noticing that you are "spying". Fortunately, all this is possible through some easy and simple to use solutions. Let's discover them together.

How to watch Instagram stories incognito

You searched in your account settings for some item regarding private browsing, a search which however did not give positive results. The reason is quite simple: there is no rumor about it. But there's no need to despair. It's possible bypass this lack by making use of secondary options that will allow you to see a user's stories without them perceiving your "incursion".

watch instagram stories anonymously


There are in fact several very interesting solutions in this regard how to view instagram stories incognito. Among the websites and applications for mobile devices we can include the following:

  1. Storysaver
  2. Insta – stories
  3. Dumpor
  4. Insta – Stories
  5. Inflation

Simply type the name of the account you want to "spy in secret", click on search and use the service. Few and simple steps to do in just a few seconds.

A professional tool for managing your social media

We have seen how to view Instagram stories in incognito with the help of online services that are very easy to use. But, remaining on the topic of social media, publishing and scheduling daily posts can be quite complex, especially if you use your account for the purpose of advertise your company online.

see instagram stories anonymous

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