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Instagram Reel, the new feature for video editing

Instagram Reel how it works: how to use this new feature and what are the tools for editing videos.

The social network that has attracted the public's attention in a significantly greater way in recent years is certainly Instagram. Ordinary users, celebrities and influencers they found in this platform the ideal place to interact, and above all to have an important tool with which to carry out web marketing activities.

To remain on the cutting edge this network has made some changes over time. New features that have further enriched the features available to users. It is the case of Instagram reels.

Instagram reel what is it

Before delving into the matter, it is worth remembering how the American giant took inspiration in a very visible way from some services already implemented within other social networks. A clear example, given the great success achieved, is given by the stories, introduced taking inspiration from Snapchat. Now a similar event has happened with Instagram reels.

But what are reels on Instagram? It is a service that allows the creation of short videos, realizzati in forma verticale, personalizzabili attraverso l’utilizzo di effetti visivi e musicali. Immediatamente si può notare una certa somiglianza con i contenuti di TikTok, il social proveniente dalla Cina che negli ultimi anni ha riscosso in occidente un seguito non indifferente.

The project, which saw the light on August 5, 2020, will most likely soon achieve the success achieved previously with stories. Thanks to a product characterized by specific functions for edit video clips and edit them to your liking. They therefore represent an additional communication channel for brands with which to address consumers and internet users.

Create an Instagram reel

instagram reel
Instagram reel: many similarities with videos on TikTok

To make an Instagram reel you just need to follow a few steps:

  • click on the icon camera present next to the writing Instagram
  • click again on the wording “reel” (located at the bottom next to “story”)
  • start recording

At the side of the screen there are the various functions used for editing, including the addition of a musical motif, speed and the insertion of visual effects. For the creation of the video you can also use the timer pre-recording, so as to anticipate the start of the recording by a few seconds, very useful for finding the right pose. The clip can be published both on the classic profile and in stories, as well as being shown in the explore section.

Furthermore, a few days ago the parent company released a instagram reels update, with the increase in the length of the video clips and the timer, going from 15 to 30 seconds and from three to ten respectively.


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