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Send WhatsApp messages from Help Me Post!

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It will finally be possible send WhatsApp messages anche da Help Me Post, il tool professionale per la gestione automatizzata dei tuoi social!

Take advantage of a cutting-edge platform with which to plan and automate posts on social media it is essential to save time, effort and above all money. Help Me Post fully responds to these needs, being one of the main ones management tools for networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. It is a tool that allows you to manage all social networks at the same time and plan the publication of content as you wish, acting as a real social media manager, without having to pay the fee to another professional!

All seasoned with the integration of applications such as DesingBold, ideal for creating graphics that will enrich the various posts, or the Instagram bots, excellent for automatically sending messages, comments, likes and follow and unfollow activities.

Send WhatsApp messages from Help Me Post


We worked hard on this integration, now available for you users. A constant commitment, especially because we didn't want to create a banal service for sending WhatsApp messages. So we added all these features:

  • Send scheduled messages
  • Send multimedia messages
  • Chatbots
  • Automatic response messages
  • Multiple Whatsapp accounts
  • Send a message to a number not in your contacts

But how do these features work in detail?

  1. Sending scheduled messages
    This feature allows you to schedule your messages to be sent at a specific time or date.
  2. Sending multimedia messages
    Of course our integration supports sending text, audio and video files.
  3. Chatbots
    Easily program your chatbot by inserting automatic responses based on certain keywords inserted in the message text.
  4. Automatic response messages
    Even for non-business accounts! you can use automatic response messages.
  5. Multiple WhatsApp Accounts
    You will be able to manage different WhatsApp accounts from Help Me Post without going crazy managing multiple smartphones.
  6. Send a message to a number not in your contacts
    You can also send a WhatsApp message to a number that is not in your contact list.

Send WhatsApp messages

Yes, but it doesn't end there!

Thanks to Help Me Post we have introduced instances, each WhatsApp number corresponds to an instance exactly as a function for WhatsApp Web. If you want to activate more than one number you will have to activate more than one instance.

Alternatively, you can also log out and configure the instance with another number. The important thing is to remember that each of them has a WhatsApp number, but there are no limits to the accounts you can create. The only limit will be your Help Me Post subscription which you can change at any time. And remember that thanks to our integration you can use a WhatsApp number on multiple devices.

When will I be able to use all this?

We are working to release a first beta for June 14, 2021 where you can all use WhatsApp for 30 days without any limits. We will subsequently update our plans by integrating WhatsApp.

Can I integrate this functionality with my website or software?

Our roadmaps include the development of APIs that allow the integration of this functionality on any external software such as websites, apps, management systems and more.



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