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Ideal length of a post on the main social networks

Ideal length of a post on social networks: how many characters to insert into the contents published on the main platforms

Social networks have currently become the main means of communication. A record that is unlikely to be broken in the short term given the millions of users who interact every day on the main platforms. Over the years these have multiplied, coming to have a strong influence on every sector of public life, especially that concerning business and advertising in general.
This has led to a deep attention of companies and freelancers towards these tools, useful for convey your brand, adopting marketing strategies aimed at making themselves known to the general public and acquiring customers.

Therefore, we have seen the creation of official pages on social media, where images relating to the product offered for sale or any information to report to one's followers are posted. However, especially those who are starting out, are gripped by a strong doubt: what is the ideal length of a post?

Ideal length of a post on social media

Publish a posts on social media, within the profile or official page, It represents an excellent ploy to stay in touch with users who have followed/liked it. This is a service that is of great interest to the public, indispensable for any company intent on maintaining its center of gravity within the web, a sector that has practically downgraded all other media.

Therefore maintaining an online presence through the dissemination of content (especially written content, not images or videos) allows you to compete on equal terms with your competitors.

However each platform has its own peculiarities, being used for different purposes and above all by a different audience. A phrase quoted above Facebook will have to be written differently than Instagram or LinkedIn. Consequently it is not possible to outline the ideal length of a post on social media, adapting this dimension based on the vehicle on which it is published and above all the context adopted.

How to determine the ideal length of a post

We just found that establishing the ideal length of a post on any social network is highly unlikely. To define how many characters to insert is in fact very complicated. Despite this, based on the means used, it is possible to adopt some solutions, in addition to the fact that the number of words in some situations cannot exceed a certain threshold.

Ideal length of a post

  • Instagram post text length

Let's start from the one considered the social network with the most registered users in the last five years. To make it easier for followers to read, it is advisable do not exceed 150 words (the preview), so as not to click on the wording “read all” (or similar).

As for the maximum length Instagram posts the maximum number of characters, for those who need to write for a longer period, is just over two thousand. The hashtag they must be around 15/20 keystrokes.

  • Post length LinkedIn

The same thing goes for the social network intended for professional use, where you can read the content of 140 characters without clicking on “read more”. The maximum linkedin post length is 1300 per profile, while the official channels of a company are 700.

  • Post length Facebook

The ideal Facebook post text length to maintain user interest is around 60 words. In this way, far greater effectiveness is achieved. The maximum exceeds 60 thousand characters.

  • Twitter post length

The “twitter” is considered quite concise content, which is why too many characters would not lead to anything beneficial. 80/90 is the most appropriate number to this platform; the maximum that can be reached is 280.

  • Youtube title length

We conclude with the platform dedicated to the dissemination of video content. In it you can use the same tricks used for the title of an online article, between 60 and 70 keystrokes. Double instead for the description.


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