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Verify images and videos with the help of 5 online tools

check images

Check images and online videos: 5 valid tools for examining the credibility of the sources from which content is drawn.

There writing an article on the web, whether news or a text created by a blogger, requires a very broad and varied level of expertise. Knowing the grammatical rules and having fluent writing is just one piece of a large-scale mechanism. What also has a certain relevance is everything that precedes the action of putting it on paper (or better yet on WordPress for those who use the PC), i.e. the search for sources.

Studying the topic well beforehand is essential to obtain a quality product, so that it can be appreciated by the reader, illustrating all the data and information about it. However, we must not focus only on the words and concepts to be drafted. Another fundamental aspect is represented by choice of videos and photos, elements of which is appropriate verify its truthfulness, and consequently avoid publishing false content, risking spreading so-called fake news.

Check images and videos

Photos and video clips represent a significant element in writing a quality article, in order to present the content more vigorously, as well as making it more appealing from a graphic point of view. However, you must pay attention to this, as it is possible to spread images that do not correspond to reality, running the risk of conveying false news and making a bad impression on readers.

For a practical example, let's imagine the work of a journalist, who receives from his source a photo relating to a street demonstration that took place on the same day. A serious professional (but also someone who simply publishes images for social networks or in general on a personal blog) before inserting the photograph into the article is required to verify authenticity. To do this, you can make use of the numerous online sites where you can see whether the same is reliable or is nothing more than a copy of another event that occurred in a past context.

5 online tools for verifying photos and videos

The best defense weapon in these cases is preventive action. Only in this way can we avoid the spread of all that false news that continues to roam the web. It is also worth taking into account that it is Google itself promotes original content, guaranteeing these better indexing.

To overcome this problem we show 5 online tools for verifying sources, two for the check images, one for website identity and two regarding videos:

  • PhotoForensics
  • Google reverse search
  • ReEye Reverse Image Search
  • Youtube Data Viewer


This page is an excellent ally to see if the image you received from your connection, or if found on the web, is true or modified. Just enter the URL (if taken from the internet), or click on "choose file" if it is a photo received from a person. Subsequently, a box will be shown showing the characteristics, which product the photo was taken with, whether it has any changes, etc. The service is totally free.

Google reverse image search

check images

This tool created directly by Google for the also has similar functions check images. The screen is practically identical to when you have to do a classic search. Furthermore, there is the possibility of entering the URL or uploading by clicking on the icon showing the camera. The response will show, in addition to the measurements and other data of the photo, all the websites where it has already been used.

Anyone looking for news from other websites or just wanting to get an idea on a topic can use It is ideal to see who the administrator is and above all what type of address and domain he used (enter one of these two in the appropriate search bar). In this way you have greater precaution in coming across unfounded reports.

RevEye Reverse Image Search

Not just verify images. There are many contents that should be included in an article, including videos. With RevEye reverse it is possible to see if the photos used to preview the contents taken from the Youtube platform are real. I don't know if it's a real site but an extension for Chrome.

Youtube Data Viewer

It allows you to observe the exact moment in which a video was published on Youtube (reporting the URL).

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