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How to advertise effectively on Pinterest Ads: tips and winning strategies

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Pinterest is a platform of social media which attracted the curiosity of entrepreneurs with the registration of over 478 million monthly active users. Today, more than 70% of users use Pinterest to search for new ideas and find shopping inspiration. As a business owner, being on Pinterest can be extremely beneficial – the platform acts as a visual search engine and allows you to reach a very targeted audience. Using advertising on Pinterest, with the possibility of selecting precise targets, can make a difference to businesses and improve manufacturers' quarterly results, with a visible increase in the relevance of the brand in question compared to the competition.

But how can you implement effective advertising on Pinterest? In this article we will explain how you can create successful Pinterest Ads through the analysis of winning tips and strategies.

1. How advertising on Pinterest Ads works

Before we start creating a Pinterest advertising campaign, we need a basic understanding of how Pinterest Ads advertising works. Pinterest ads appear in your followers' home feed, in search results for specific keywords, and on other pages similar to yours. There are different types of advertisements that you can opt for, such as Promoted Pins, side-by-side images, promotions, carousel, or promoted product lists. Users can interact directly with the advertisements, saving them on their message boards or purchasing the product.

2. Create a Pinterest campaign strategy

Creating a strategy for your Pinterest advertising campaign will help you achieve specific goals and understand the needs of your audience. You can define a strategy for your Pinterest campaign by creating a timetable and identifying several objectives. For example, you might try to get a 20% increase in e-commerce conversions by running promoted ads on your followers' feeds. If you want to create an effective campaign strategy, you need to consider the following elements:

  • Building a Keyword List: You should build a list of keywords specific to your business and goals. This way you can create relevant and targeted Pinterest advertisements.
  • Creating a storyboard: Your advertising pins must be visually appealing, so avoid using images that are too generic. You should create a storyboard that includes the style and tone of your advertising message, as well as the themes and images that represent your business.
  • Setting Goals: Setting goals will help you understand how to implement your Pinterest advertising strategy. For example, if you want to increase sales through your website, your primary goal may be to increase traffic to the website itself.
  • Budget: Your budget will help you understand how to price your Pinterest Ads campaigns. Your budget should take into account the goals you have set and you should plan it in such a way as to limit unnecessary expenses.

3. Use of keywords: where and how to use them

Keywords are one of the fundamental elements for creating advertising campaigns on Pinterest ads. Keywords can be embedded in a number of key locations including image text, product listing text and ad text.

Your advertisements will need to include keywords that capture the attention of your target audience. You can use different keywords relevant to your industry and verify their effectiveness through tests that will evaluate the click-through rate, conversion and interest for your advertisers and increase your spending on that keyword accordingly. This way you can maximize your results through keyword optimization.

4. Create advertorial images

The image you post on your ad represents your business's online presence on Pinterest. If you want to create an effective advertisement on Pinterest Ads, you should leverage eye-catching images that attract attention and present your product or business in an eye-catching way.

Also remember that the images can also be used by users as saved boards. This means that the images themselves, in addition to the advertising presentation of the brand, will serve as suggestions for Pinterest users. Use creative images, bright colors and impactful color schemes to showcase your business in the most attractive way possible. Additionally, users consider a photo to be the main factor in rating a product positively or negatively, so a single image could influence their choice.

5. Audience segmentation

The most important destination when it comes to running an advertising campaign on Pinterest Ads is audience segmentation. There are several segmentation options available such as gender, age, income range, and geographic region. Better audience segmentation will certainly improve the advertising campaign in terms of effectiveness and - consequently - ROI.

To set up segmentation of your target audience, you may consider connecting sources of ecommerce analytics data to improve its reliability. For example, selecting an audience made up of users who have already made purchases on your website could lead to a higher conversion rate than a general audience.

Pinterest Ads FAQ

1. How much do advertisements on Pinterest Ads cost?

Pinterest Ads have a potentially variable cost, depending on the audience, the objectives you want to achieve and the type of advertising selected. However, having an adequate budget can ensure that you reach a very effective audience, which will result in a higher conversion rate than your competition.

2. How long does it take to start a Pinterest Ads campaign?

The time required to create and launch a Pinterest Ads campaign depends on your needs and the budget you have available. However, it is possible to start an advertising campaign even within a few hours – as long as you have an attractive promotional image and truthful advertising texts.

3. How do you measure the success of your advertising campaign on Pinterest Ads?

The success of an advertising campaign on Pinterest Ads can be measured by monitoring metrics such as conversion rate, interaction rate and viewing duration. These can be collected through data analysis tools, such as Google Analytics.

4. What are the most suitable products for advertising on Pinterest Ads?

While any business can advertise on Pinterest Ads, some product categories tend to perform better than others. Products such as bags, clothes, household items, cosmetics and decorations have a very high conversion rate on Pinterest.

5. What are the advantages of using Pinterest Ads?

The advantages of using Pinterest Ads are the visibility of your business on a targeted audience, a more recognizable brand, reaching new customers through a very popular platform, and increasing traffic to your website.


Pinterest Ads offers huge potential for businesses looking to increase their online visibility, especially in e-commerce. Through the surprising attention that users have for the images published on the platforms, both when they are looking for new purchases and aesthetic inspiration, advertising pins can implement a very effective digital marketing strategy. Using the strategies described in this article, advertising on Pinterest Ads can represent a concrete opportunity to grow your business and generate greater ROI.

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