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Frequent questions

1 - Cos'è Help ME Post?

Help Me Post is a tool dedicated to those who manage or want to manage Social Media, allows you to create a editorial plan for Social Media Management. Thanks to Help Me Post it is possible to manage activities on multiple social networks at the same time. Unlike similar software, it allows for quick and easy management with productivity-enhancing tools that save up to 70% of its time.

2 - Who is it aimed at?

Private – With Social Media activities for hobby or fun Professionals and freelancers — for Social Media Management and Personal Branding activities; Companies — who want to independently manage communication on Social Media; Web Agency — to manage multiple clients and communication campaigns efficiently and productively; Bloggers and Influencers — For those who work only with social media and want a fast and dynamic platform with exclusive features.

3 - Which accounts can I connect?

With Help Me post you can connect different social networks and manage pages and groups such as:

Instagram – (Personal Profiles, Business Accounts)
Facebook – (Pages, Administered groups)
Twitter – (Account)
LinkedIn – (Profiles, Pages)
Google My Business– (Activity Sheets)
YouTube – (Channels)
Pinterest – (Accounts, message boards)
Tumblr – (Account)
VK – (Accounts, Pages and Groups)
Telegram – (Channels)

4 - I connected Instagram but it appears to be a connection from Amsterdam, why?
Our platform uses Siteground servers, one of the best hosting companies in terms of speed and security. Their European datacenter is located in Amsterdam and for this reason you may receive a suspicious access email from Amsterdam.
5 - I'm adding Instagram and I see the word "proxy" why?

For those who want to limit the problem of geolocalization of the Instagram connection, they can purchase a proxy service separately which allows you to redirect Instagram to an Italian server instead of the one in Amsterdam where Help Me Post is hosted, however whether or not the proxy is used does not interfere with the use of the platform.

6 - I connected Instagram but why is it asking me for a pin?
Instagram is one of the most used social networks and also one of the most attentive to security, once you have entered your credentials Instagram will send a security pin to the email with which you registered to confirm your identity, this operation must only be done when adding your account to Help Me Post.
7 - Can I try Help Me Post before purchasing a trading plan?
Certain! You can sign up at Help Me Post and you'll automatically be directed to a 30-day free trial!
8 - I purchased a plan but I need additional space or accounts, what can I do?
In case of problems with your subscription you can write your needs to, normally we discount the higher plan with the cost of the subscription already paid or we offer a customized subscription.
9 - I work in this sector, can I resell Help Me Post?

We currently do not have a resale or affiliation system with Help Me Post, in case of collaboration you can send your request to, you will be contacted with instructions on how to work to collaborate with us.

10 - How to unsubscribe from Help Me Post

To remove, permanently delete your account Help Me Post it is necessary to send a request via email to, using exclusively the email account with which you registered for the service.

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