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Influencers and Agcom: New Rules and High Fines

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The world of influencers is constantly evolving, and with it, also the regulations that regulate this modern form of communication. Agcom, the Communications Regulatory Authority, has recently introduced new rules that could significantly change the panorama of social media in Italy. Let's talk about fines that can reach up to 600 thousand euros for those who do not comply with the new provisions. But let's proceed in order and discover all the details of this revolutionary innovation.

The News Introduced by Agcom

In the last Agcom council meeting, held on December 20, 2023, guidelines have been approved that see influencers and creators as providers of audiovisual media services. This means that they will have to comply with the regulations of the Consolidated Law on audiovisual media services (Tusma), with a particular focus on transparency in advertising.

The sanctions they are heavy: let's start from 10 thousand to 250 thousand euros for those who transgress the general rules. But that is not all. There are specific rules for protection of minors, where fines can skyrocket from 30 thousand to 600 thousand euros in case of non-compliance. There are also obligations of corporate transparency and in terms of pluralism and non-discrimination.

To Whom These Rules Apply

The threshold for entering Agcom's radar is high: we are talking about influencers and creators with an overall following of at least 1 million followers, calculated by adding the subscribers on all the platforms on which they operate. This move is aimed at regulating especially those influencers with great commercial potential and who monetize significant amounts.

The Directory of Influencers and Creators

To monitor who falls under these new rules, a specific list on the Agcom website. Currently, it is estimated that approx 500 influencers and creators will have to adapt to these new regulations. This list represents an important step towards ensuring greater clarity and transparency in the sector.

What It Means for the Future of Influencers

These new rules arrive at a particular time, considering the recent "Ferragni case" which turned the spotlight on the responsibility of influencers in the online world. It is clear that Agcom's intent is to establish a clearer and more rigorous regulatory framework to guarantee ethical and transparent communication.

It is important to underline that these rules are not intended to limit the creativity or freedom of expression of influencers, but rather to ensure that their activities are carried out in compliance with fundamental principles such as transparency and the protection of minors.


Agcom's new provisions mark an important step towards greater regulation of the sector

influencers. With fines that can reach up to 600 thousand euros, it is clear that the intention is to be serious. This could lead to a significant shift in how influencers and creators interact with their audiences and businesses. It will be interesting to see how this landscape evolves and what the long-term effects of these new rules will be.

For more information, I recommend you visit Agcom official website to stay updated on the latest news and details regarding these important regulatory changes.

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