Save up to 70% of your time managing social networks


Create and schedule your posts with advanced features thanks to integration with Instagram

Publish with just one click

From your dashboard you can schedule and manage feeds, stories and much more

Post from desktop to the feed

The dashboard for creating feeds is very simple to use. It works exactly like the home page of Instagram

Create individual posts in the feed on your account or those you manage. You can use saved images directly inside HelpMe Posts, or you can import them from Google Drive or from DropBox

Thanks to the integrated functions, you have the possibility to save your post as default post, or import from your default posts.

Thanks to the specific section, located on the right, you can check the preview of your post.

Create your own stories

Create your own stories with HelpMe Posts it is simple and intuitive. Use the dashboard just as if you were on the Instagram social network and share directly on the interested profiles. 

Compose and program your stories, edit photos with the tools available and share them on your profile. 

Thanks to the new options, you can also select the shortlist of your friends and make it confidential content. 

Schedule your Post

Thanks to HelpMe Post advanced options you have the option to schedule your post. Choose the date and time you want to publish your feed, set it up and the schedule will do its job. 

You have the option to repeat publication until 60 times your post, setting a start and end time. 


Advanced options

Among the advanced features of HelpMe Post, there are also Of connect link And mark your position.

Connect link is a tool that allows you to insert links into your post. 

Mark your location it is fundamental to the geolocation, allows you to increase your interactions by narrowing the search fields from a geographical point of view. 

These additional functions, inserted on the platform, are optimal for the simultaneous management of different accounts.


The carousel it's a different function that allows you to create Instagram image galleries. 

You can enter up to 10 photos, loading them from the direct memory of HelpMe Posts, or by connecting directly with DropBox And Google Drive.

Once you have inserted your photos, create the post or import it from the library of predefined posts. 

Experiment with Automations and Bots

Thanks to the function of automation you will be able to use automatic systems to grow your profile in a short time. 

You can select things to automate: Likes, comments, followers, unfollowers, direct messages, reposts media.  

Go to the Programming and Automation section to understand how to do it.


Inside the platform you will also find the tool to analyze your account Instagram and always monitor its progress.

A simple and intuitive system to monitor various growth aspects of your profile, or of what you are managing.

The section Analyses it is another very important aspect for those who use the platform Help Me Post for work.


From HelpMe Posts you can also manage the Direct

A single place to manage even private conversations, without having to change screens or switch from one window to another. Help Me Post gives you the ability to select different accounts from which to send messages. 

A single platform to manage Instagram and all other social networks

The social media manager tool that saves you time

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