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Meet Helpy


I introduce you Helpy! Thanks to him there is the possibility of automate the profile Instagram. What can be managed with automation? How does Helpy work in profile management? Simple! Helpy governs automatically likes, comments, follows and unfollows. Simply set the functions and monitor the progress. Let's see together how to do it.

Check the activities

In the specific section, you will find the profile summary and information in the foreground automations, as well as recent activities that Helpy did it for you. Already in this section, you have the possibility to select the things to automate, choosing between: likes, comments, follows, unfollows, direct message, repost media. You will be able to select only the categories that interest you most. There are three categories you need to keep under control to manage your profile: geolocation, at the response speed and above all i tags. Let's see all the functions together in detail.


Set up your bot by following the instructions geolocation. Tags: they are very important for profile management because they divide the audience according to the topic you are dealing with with your post, or the audience you want to follow. Select at least two tags in the “tag list” section, Helpy it will take care of identifying all the people for you.

It is important that the people you select in the next boxes that we will explain belong to the sector geolocation set, otherwise the automation will not be able to identify: Positions, Followers, Followed Profiles, Likes and Comments.


Select the working speed of automation. 

Managing the speed of automation activity is especially important for users Instagram algorithms. Control automatic tasks based on different types of speed, which you can change whenever you want without having to pay additional costs. 

You can manage how many I like Helpy go and put it in your place. Same goes for i comments, the activities of follows and unfollows to be carried out, how many direct messages send and how many photo/video repost make.

be careful! All functions are handled in hours, while i photo/video repost are automated daily. 


THE filters they are very important for automation. They allow you to follow the target audience as if you were the one posting them yourself likes and comments

Set the parameters of these carefully automations, the greater the accuracy of the selection, the more natural the behavior of Helpy on your profile.


Also comments they must be chosen carefully to have greater truthfulness of the profile. 

Choose the easiest ones to send, Helpy will write them exactly as if they were you. 

You can also choose not to always comment on the same users, in order to vary yours audience and your interactions.

Direct Messages

Exactly like for i comments, the automation system helps you to mechanically manage even the direct messages

You can enter generic text and Helpy will send it for you, depending on the parameters set above, just as shown in the adjacent photo.


The activity of follow/unfollow has always been one of the highlights of growing with your Instagram account. L'automation that we make available to you, also allows you to manage this activity in a simple and intuitive way.

The blacklists

The section Blacklists it allows you to filter the things to follow, so as not to find unpleasant surprises within your profile.  Helpy here it acts in three different fields: i tags, The username and the keyword.

In each sector, you can put keywords that Helpy it does not have to follow, in order to have a clean and functional profile.

Automatic Stop

The Automatic stop it is a function that stops automation automatically. 

In this way, Helpy it will count the shares for you and will stop as soon as it has reached the maximum limit of daily operations allowed.

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