Save up to 70% of your time managing social networks


Create and schedule your posts with advanced features thanks to Reddit integration for pages and groups

Publish with just one click

From your dashboard you can manage Reddit your pages and groups schedule your posts

Post from desktop to Reddit

The dashboard for creating feeds is very simple to use. It works exactly like the home page of Reddit

Create individual posts in the feed on your pages. You can use saved images directly inside HelpMe Posts, or you can import them from Google Drive or from DropBox

Thanks to the built-in features, you have the option to save your post as a default post, or import from your default posts.

Thanks to the specific section, located on the right, you can check the preview of your post.

Enter the Link

Also on HelpMe Posts you have the option to enter a link, exactly as if you were on the Reddit home page. 

All you have to do is upload the link, write your post and the feed is ready!

Remember to check your preview before publishing. 

Schedule your Post

Once you have completed editing of your post, program it

You can choose to schedule on a specific date, or repeat the same post for up to 60 days. 

This is one of functions more important and more comfortable than HelpMe Posts offers for the management more profiles, groups and social pages. 

Focus everything on your text

Help Me Post it also allows you to bet everything on text of your post. A speech, or a story, a way to give space to your ideas exactly as you can do above Reddit

Remember to always check your preview. 

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