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How Pinterest works

How Pinterest works, the social network focused on the dissemination of multimedia content such as photos and videos.

Social networks are the most used platforms on the internet at the moment. A phenomenon that has forever changed the way people communicate, breaking down distances.

Over the years, countless new ones have arisen, each with a peculiarity that distinguishes it from the others. In addition to the most widespread ones, including Facebook ed Instagram, there are some that are considered niche, but at the same time interesting and very functional. One of them is Pinterest.

How Pinterest works

Pinterest is a social network focused on the dissemination of files such as images, photos and videos. The user who registers can save photos on their profile, creating different categories depending on the topics that concern them, for example fashion, sport, travel and much more.

come funziona pinterest

From the term we can deduce the purpose of this platform: to PIN, i.e. pin, pin or dot if we understand it as an object, and INTEREST, which means interest. When there is a photograph or video that you like, you can catalog it on your account.

The member can pin the image and save it on your wall, after which you can also make it public on other social networks.

How to register on Pinterest

The methods on how to register on Pinterest are very simple. As well as on the official website, it is possible to receive an invitation from another member by email. The platform can be used both from desktop and viaofficial app downloadable for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.

You can create an account using your email address or Facebook profile. Then you will have to select the topics most similar to your passions.

How Pinterest works with Help Me Post

come funziona pinterest

Help Me Post it is a valid platform that replaces the figure of Social Media Manager, supporting the user in managing their own social networks, organizing and planning the posts to be published in every detail and choosing when and how to distribute them on the web.

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