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What are LinkedIn Stories: finally available for Italian users

LinkedIn Stories, the limited-time contents officially arrive in Italy on the platform intended for workers and professionals.

Among the major innovations that have characterized social networks in recent years we undoubtedly find the stories, short content lasting 24 hours used to interact with your followers quickly and directly. They represented an innovative system for communicating with the public, such as to have a certain success among the inhabitants of the net.

The service is present on the main platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp; but not LinkedIn. In fact, at least until very recently, the latter was considered a context mainly suitable for a professional context, and therefore not very similar in this regard. A consideration that was not followed by the top management, who became aware of the potential offered by a useful tool also for the business sector. So the end of October 2020 led to the official release of the LinkedIn Stories for local users.

What are LinkedIn Stories?

The Linkedin Stories they present characteristics practically identical to those of other social networks, with videos or photographs lasting up to 20 seconds deleted one day after publication. This is a very useful feature for share highlights of daily work and highlight your abilities. It is also a way to acquire new clients, present projects and make professional experiences public.

Stories on LinkedIn appear to be the strong point of a strategy to modernize the platform. Although it has become a full-fledged social network, there is a need to complete a modernization process, while maintaining the idea of professionalism that has always distinguished it. What better opportunity than LinkedIn Stories, an additional tool available to make your business known.

linkedin stories

Stories on LinkedIn, the narration of one's work experience

We have seen how they work Linkedin Stories and what are the peculiarities that distinguish this function. An innovation desired by the creators of the platform with the aim of gaining interest from a younger audience, bringing about a new concept regarding social media detached from simple entertainment.

It also represents a project that saw the light in 2018, characterized by an embryonic phase developed in the USA through the beta phase of "Smarthpone Voice". It consisted of a feature intended for the Linkedin profiles of overseas students who had a specific section available to discuss and exchange opinions regarding lessons and study methods.


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