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What is Facebook Blueprint: the top certification for professionals

What is Facebook Blueprint: the certification that attests to the skills and competences of professionals regarding advertising strategies on Facebook ed Instagram.

Social networks are considered very valid tools with which to advertise your business online. These platforms allow you to create promotional campaigns aimed at followers and users who use them daily, making a brand grow dramatically on the market to which it refers. For this reason, companies and self-employed workers aim to increase your social influence, especially with the help of expert figures in the sector, professionals with the necessary knowledge to put the different marketing strategies into practice. At the same time, finding the right person for this role is not so simple, even more so in a sector as large and varied as that of social interaction services.

Better to rely on those individuals who have completed ad hoc study courses, perhaps with certifications recognized as serious and reliable. As regards the digital social sphere, one of the most significant certificates is certainly Facebook Blueprint Certification, the perfect business card for a social media manager. But what is Facebook Blueprint?

What is Facebook Blueprint

Insiders will certainly be aware of the online certifications that a professional can acquire for increase your knowledge base for the benefit of your work activity. They are therefore released after a course of study aimed at demonstrating preparation in an area. Those promoted by Google are famous, but they are certainly not the only ones. Among the most appreciated ones we can include Facebook Blueprint, promoted by the social network brought to light years ago by Mark Zuckerberg.

But what is Facebook Blueprint Certified? It is a document that certifies the skills of the professional regarding digital marketing on this platform, thus demonstrating their skills and knowledge on all advertising strategies and campaigns. It appears as tangible proof of the "student's" preparation, being provided by the social network in question. Consequently, the seriousness and value of this certificate in the workplace takes on connotations that are difficult to compare.

Study plan

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They are different Facebook Bluerint certifications that the user can support. Here are the ones currently available:

  • Marketing Associate
  • Marketing science professional
  • Media Buying Professional
  • Media Planning Professional
  • Creative Strategy Professional
  • Advertising API Developer
  • Advanced Marketing Developer
  • Marketing Developer
  • Community Manager

The various study paths are divided according to the level of difficulty. The first five in the list are useful for becoming aware of the main notions regarding Facebook and other social networks belonging to the same company (i.e. Messenger and Instagram). The others are intended for professionals who want to implement their skills in the technical field.

Facebook Blueprint in Italian?

The online lessons can be used for free on the Blueprint Facebook platform of the same name, with specific video courses on topics in the sector. They are not currently available for our language. With regard to Facebook Blueprint cost the fee to be paid to carry out themultiple choice exam starts from 130 euros. If you fail, you can take the test again after one month.

This is an honest figure, also demonstrated by the extreme regularity of the exam, where it is practically impossible to "cheat". For example, if another window is open while browsing, the verification cannot be started. Furthermore, the student is monitored via audio and video recording.



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