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Become famous on YouTube

become famous on youtube

Become famous on Youtube, how to exploit the most popular video platform in the world to earn and increase your popularity.

Over the years, the web has become one of the most used means for interacting with others. It represents a communication channel that has given rise to notable opportunities, especially from a work point of view. In fact, many have understood the potential that the internet can offer, using it as a springboard to start a profitable business.

There are numerous systems made available to users, from classic websites, e-commerce to ai social networks. However, there is one in particular that has allowed those who use it to make a fortune, to the point of carrying out this activity as if it were a real job. We are talking about Youtube.

Become famous on Youtube

YouTube it is the most famous video sharing platform in the world. Mind-boggling numbers testify to an exponential growth that has lasted for more than 10 years now, with millions of registered users, even more those who use it as a means of daily entertainment. It was the bearer of strong innovation, enough to cause an epochal change in the entertainment sector.

This is largely due to the birth of a new figure, lo youtuber, which can be compared to that of a freelancer. These are content creators who, by opening their own channel, produce videos intended for public consumption.

This has aroused strong interest, with an increasing number of people, from the very young to those of an age considered mature, fascinated by the idea of acquiring fame and money. It is no coincidence that one of the desires that distinguishes a boy/girl is that of become famous on Youtube. Opening your own channel can in fact represent a means of making money through your artistic or communication skills. But in addition to skills, it is necessary to have a good public following, which is essential for increasing fame and increasing economic income

How to make money with Youtube

become famous on youtube

After seeing how Youtube works it can easily be understood that a large number of followers presupposes a large profit. However, in order to achieve the goal it is necessary to take these simple guidelines into account

  • Have something to offer. A good starting idea is the basis of everything. Creating interesting content with valid arguments allows you to gain a certain interest. It also allows you to show strong credibility, even towards those who are not interested in the product offered;
  • Post videos on a regular basis. To obtain better indexing it helps to be operational consistently. It is not necessary to publish many videos in a short period of time, but spreading them carefully (for example once or twice a week, but without continuous months of blankness) represents the ideal solution;
  • Create a target audience. The public is the one that can lead to the rise, therefore it becomes useful to focus on a specific market segment that will guarantee a high number of visuals, creating specific contents (videos on football, political analysis, etc.);
  • Start collaborations with other content creators. Making videos with fellow YouTubers allows you to increase the reach of your audience;
  • Sponsor a brand. In addition to earnings from views, partnering with brands is another way to earn money. Those who exceed a certain number of members have a greater chance of being contacted by companies wishing to offer their services or products to their members.
  • Use other social networks. Whenever a video is published it is essential to post it on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, so as to spread it to more people.


Among YouTuber with the most subscribers in our country (with video in Italian) is Favij, born Lorenzo Ostuni, who has well exceeded 5 million subscribers (for Italian language content). As far as abroad is concerned, the primacy goes to PewDiePie, with a channel with over 100 million followers.

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Become famous on Youtube it is a hope that young YouTubers warmly hope for. In addition to the directives listed in this article, however, it is advisable to make use of useful tools to better organize your work.

become famous on youtube

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