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Strategic plan: How to promote your Pins on Pinterest and increase traffic to your website

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Pinterest is a social platform that has seen exponential growth in recent years and has established itself as a key marketing tool. It is a sort of virtual bulletin board, which allows users to save, organize and share images, videos and other resources online.

But how to promote your Pins on Pinterest and increase traffic to your website?

In this article, we'll look at some of the fundamentals of an effective Pinterest marketing strategy. We will learn how to create and manage a high-quality bulletin board, how to use keywords and descriptions to improve the visibility of your content, and how to leverage analytics tools to monitor the results of your business and improve them over time.

Create a quality profile to promote your Pins on Pinterest

The first step to promoting your Pins on Pinterest is to create a quality profile. This means you will have to invest time and resources in taking care of your board and images.

First, choose a profile photo that best represents your brand or business. Use a high-quality, well-defined and recognizable image.

Second, build an organized, high-quality bulletin board. Use thematic boards to organize your content in a coherent and easy to navigate way. Make sure the design of individual boards is eye-catching and consistent with your brand.

Use keywords to increase the visibility of your Pins on Pinterest

Keywords are a fundamental element of any Pinterest marketing strategy. These are the words or phrases that users use to search for content on Pinterest.

To increase the visibility of your Pins on Pinterest, it's important to use keywords strategically. You can discover keywords using the Pinterest search bar. Write a keyword related to your content, Pinterest will show which related keywords are trending the most.

In addition to including keywords in your Pin descriptions and Board titles, you can also use them as hashtag, in order to facilitate the search for the topic. However, keep in mind that using too many keywords (or hashtags) can appear spammy. Use them sparingly and effectively.

Create and promote your Pins on Pinterest

To promote your Pins on Pinterest, it's important to create high-quality content. Use images and videos that are engaging, clean and relevant to your brand. You must also consider the visual gratification that the user will receive by interacting with what you post. The 70% of Pinterest users makes sure they choose on the social network for the images and the pleasure they get from them.

Furthermore, opt for a vertical format and at least 600 x 900 pixels to be able to appear in the "featured" tab when a user searches for a keyword in Pinterest suggestions. In fact, this format improves the user experience by helping him move around the board.

Use descriptions to promote your Pins on Pinterest

Inserting relevant and interesting descriptions goes a long way in promoting your Pins on Pinterest. By using detailed information about the object in question and writing a complete and clear description, you can inform the user about the source of the photo and what it is intended to represent.

Also, use relevant keywords in the text. Not only will you assist the algorithm on content, but you will also help user searches.

The ideal would be to include additional information precisely, such as instructions on how to use or make the snack product or product that will necessarily please users.

Use analytics tools to track the results of your activity on Pinterest

Analytics tools can help you monitor the results of your Pinterest activity and improve your strategy over time. Pinterest offers a detailed analytics dashboard, which allows you to check the performance of your Pins, the demographics of your users and more.

Furthermore, other external tools such as Google Analytics offer further information, such as the traffic generated to your site by activities on Pinterest.

Continuously monitor the results of your business and adapt your strategy accordingly. If you notice that some Pins are particularly popular, try to understand why and repeat that experience with other themes and photos.

FAQ about Promote Pin, Pinterest

1. What are Promote Pins on Pinterest?

Promote Pins are advertisements on Pinterest. They can appear as a normal Pin on the wall and users can interact with them.

2. How much does it cost to promote your Pins on Pinterest?

The cost of paid advertising depends on the pricing model used. You can opt for the cost per click, for viewing or for acquiring an action (such as downloading a file). Costs may vary depending on the competition on the topic and the type of audience.

3. What are the advertising formats on Pinterest?

Pinterest offers several advertising formats, including Promote Full Screen Video Pins, Promote Apps, Promote Carousel, and Promote Featured.

4. Who is Pinterest's audience?

Pinterest is mainly used by women, although the number of male users is growing. The age range of users is between 25 and 54 years.

5. Do Promote Pins really work?

Promote Pins can be very effective if used correctly and implemented in a well-defined strategy. Consistent results can ensure increased traffic to your website and increased conversions.

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