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TikTok Ads: Create advertisements for businesses

TikTok Ads how it works and what are the features of the service intended for the creation of advertisements for companies.

The universe of social networks is always evolving, with new platforms on which millions of users interact. The latest in terms of success it is definitely TikTok, one of the apps with the most downloads ever in the last year, used mainly by teenagers and young people under 25.

The peculiarity of this social network is the creating short videos, mostly of a comic nature, with a duration varying from ten seconds to a minute, enriched with filters and visual effects. Everything is done simply with the smartphone, with a musical theme in the background to be mimed during playback.

Even though it is a product intended for young audiences other groups of older users are also appreciating the features it is able to offer. This has given rise to a strong interest in this social network in the advertising sector, with large and small companies wishing to exploit its potential from a media point of view. An excellent solution is given by the service TikTok Ads.

TikTok Ads

Being a very popular social network it can represent an optimal vehicle for advertise a brand, along the lines of its older brothers Facebook ed Instagram which have given, and continue to give, much satisfaction to investors in the advertising field.

So companies are becoming fully aware of the great opportunity for their own business deriving from TikTok. Furthermore, the social network itself promotes a certain content to its users, based on specific elements such as personal tastes, geographical origin or age. This aspect allows you to disseminate your information in a more significant way promotional message.

In light of all this, it is possible to make use of a very interesting tool for advertising on TikTok, namely TikTok Ads. It is a marketing platform created to encourage centralized management of advertising by advertisers. It should be taken into account that this is a service aimed at those companies with a target audience of under 20/25, therefore not for an adult audience.

How TikTok Ads works

Among the main features we find the possibility of choosing between numerous innovative formats with which to create the advertising message, for example the use of vertical or horizontal photos or videos (even squares). Via the function Dynamic Creative they can be created and disseminated automatically.

Another very useful aspect is the selection of the audience to which the message is intended. A selection made according to the place of origin, age range, male or female, etc. The extra gem is given by the Lookalike Audience service, useful for show the advertisement also to profiles that have traits in common with those who are already followers.

On the official Tik Tok Ads page, after opening an account, you need to click on the option create ad. Then you need to enter some data, for example the reason why you use the service and the location where your company is based.

tiktok ads

The ad is set up in three steps

  1. Countryside
  2. Ad groups
  3. Classic ad

There countryside foresees as its ultimate objective the app download or “landing” by the user on a web page (i.e. a landing page). With the Ad group they come sthe profiles to which the advert should be addressed are chosen, organize publication dates and set the campaign rate. While the announcement corresponds to the actual advertising, i.e. what will be seen.

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