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Clubhouse how it works: the new social network that is advancing

clubhouse come funziona

How Clubhouse works: what are the peculiarities of the new social network that is attracting the attention of millions of users and how it differs from other competitors.

For fifteen years now i social media have become the main tools used in communication today. It all started with Facebook, the first to reach high-sounding numbers with a hegemony put to the test only with the birth of Instagram, the sister platform which is also part of the Zuckerberg group. In the last few months, however, there has been another platform that has been growing significantly, to the point of becoming an important reality on the international scene in a very short time, obtaining a large following in the United States and the old continent. We are referring to Clubhouse, the new overseas creature that is capturing the interest of millions and millions of followers.

But how does Clubhose work? Let's see what are the reasons behind this exploit? Let's analyze its features and above all why it could appeal to various brands from a web marketing perspective.

How Clubhouse works

To understand how Clubhouse works we must put aside for a moment the idea that each of us has about the other social networks used so far. At this juncture we are talking about a much more complex stage, where there is a private character that is less inclined towards mass exposure. But let's go in order.

It is in fact a platform divided into different stations (called rooms) within which members interact via audio communications, then encrypted vowels deleted after closing the room. However, they can be saved in case of disrespectful acts not permitted by the regulation.

clubhouse come funziona


L'Access is via invitation of one of the profiles already present in the rooms, intended only for adults and with the actual personal details reported at the time of registration.

Who can join this social network?

We can divide three types of users:

  1. Listener (or listeners),
  2. Moderators
  3. Speaker

The moderators are those who have to manage the interaction, expelling those who are guilty of behavior deemed incorrect, for example with statements in favor of racism, cyber bullying actions, etc. The speakers emit the audio, while the listeners can ask for the possibility to make interventions.

This is how Clubhouse works, a sort of closed place, or rather private, with different peculiarities compared to, for example, Instagram, where communication and interactions between users take place in an "open-air theatre". This factor, however, can act as a weapon to be taken into consideration for large brands and small and medium-sized businesses.

clubhouse come registrarsi

The possibility of creating a closed group is ideal for promoting communication between brand and consumer. Let's take as a reference any company that will certainly have a good number of followers interested in the products it markets. Clubhouse represents an excellent means for communicating and exchanging rapid information with vocals, bringing the user even closer and making them participate in discussions on the subject.

What is Clubhouse, a platform with meteoric success

Seeing how Clubhouse works we can see how its escalation was really sudden, taking into account that its entry onto the market dates back to February two thousand and twenty. The invested capital is around a dozen million dollars, but the value of the "product" has increased tenfold in less than twelve months since its launch. Thanks to the exponential growth it involved over two million Apple users, but above all of high-ranking investors who believed in the quality of the project, contributing their own financial resources. Numbers that will rise further as soon as Clubhouse launches on Android.

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