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How to generate leads for email marketing with social media

How to generate leads for email marketing through social networks and use them within your advertising strategy.

To grow the economic reach of your business, the best solution is to implement a fairly varied marketing strategy. Every entrepreneur must focus on multiple segments, preferring those capable of bringing a significant flow of customers, with a consequent increase in revenue and above all in the appeal of the brand itself towards the public.

THE social networks they represent the main port for companies for a significant advertising program. Creating an official profile allows you to spread your message to a large number of users. The latter, through likes and shares of posts, act as promoters, making the name of their brand known to more people.

However, we must not make the mistake of focusing solely on this option, given that the range of proposals is quite broad; you just need to understand which opportunities are most suitable for the sector you are referring to and focus on them.

An example is that represented byemail marketing, with user contacts that can be collected from social platforms.

How to generate leads with social networks

By email marketing we mean one advertising technique used to send messages (of an informative or advertising nature) directly to the recipient's email address. It is an excellent stratagem to keep the bond with the user alive, for example by communicating current news, or to stimulate him to purchase.

In recent years, some entrepreneurs have made the mistake of putting this strategy aside in favor of social media, focusing solely on the growth of company profiles. Serious mistake, as each user checks their email daily, thus reflecting a live and used context.

How to generate leads

In this regard, a very advantageous solution is given by the correlation with social media themselves. In fact, from them it is possible obtain the email addresses of your followers, so as to exploit their interest (already pre-existing having liked the page). This can be done by inserting information into the sections on the various platforms link that directs to the official website page, or which allows subscription to the newsletter or mail list.

Generate email marketing leads

Below we show the ways in which to act within social networks.

Facebook tab

Let's start with what it is considered the number one social network (in order of time) to have achieved success. Among the numerous functions present we find the Facebook Tabs, useful for creating personalized content, ideal for offering discounts on your articles or taking the reader to another destination page, such as subscribing to the newsletter.

Twitter Card

The "twitter" social network is also a valid tool in this regard. An example is represented by Card, which allow you to expand the number of characters that can be used for publishing the tweet. In addition to the link where users can join the newsletter without having to enter anything, as the address is already present on Twitter, the preview of the landing page is also shown, with the description and title attached.

Swipe up by Instagram

Instagram stories currently represent the most popular solution, being the most popular platform in recent years. These instant contents are mainly used to illustrate a new product, disseminate an important communication, as well as disseminate videos and photos of products on the market, but also hypertext links, called swipe up. They are real links positioned within the stories, through which the profile owners can be directed to a landing page.

To benefit from this service, the page must have the status of a business profile and have a following of no less than 10 thousand users.

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