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Facebook Business Suite how it works

Facebook Business Suite: what the tool for the centralized management of pages on social networks intended for SMEs is and how it works.

For small and medium-sized businesses, being present on social media represents one of the fundamental aspects of surviving in such a competitive sector as the advertising one. These web spaces are the ideal center for communicate with the customer and attract the interest of potential buyers. In fact, the official page on social media is considered a meeting point between brand and consumer, a common thread that companies and freelancers must maintain in order to grow the business. Advertising your brand is therefore only the tip of the iceberg of an advertising strategy that must be aimed at interacting with users.

Therefore, having a professional tool for optimized social media management such as Facebook Business Suite can guarantee enormous advantages.

Facebook Business Suite what is it

What is Facebook Business Suite? It is an application intended for SMEs and all those companies that need to use one centralized management of social pages, specifically those present in the universe Facebook, then also Instagram and Messenger (Whatsapp coming soon).

facebook business suite

It is a system capable of ensuring various advantages to the tasks of social media managers (or whoever for them), with a more streamlined and accurate work of the various company profiles on the platforms mentioned above:

  • Management in one screen
  • Simultaneous publication of posts on all profiles
  • Schedule and save drafts to publish later
  • Live statistics on the progress of posts and interactions
  • Notifications and received messages visible in the same interface

You can see how the administrator has everything under control, with reports, notifications and messages received in the same box, which can also be responded to separately. Same thing for posts, with publication taking place simultaneously on both Facebook and Instagram.

How to use Facebook Business Suite

Small and medium-sized businesses find in this platform valid support for improving communication on Instagram, Messenger and Facebook, while waiting to also integrate Whatsapp. It is characterized by a very intuitive use, with functions suitable for an advertising strategy aimed at interacting with online users.

Starting to use Facebook Business Suite is very simple. First you need to log in to your company accounts; then you have to click on following link, which links to the official page. The official application is also present on the markets for Android and iOS devices, and can therefore be downloaded on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


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