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How Facebook Shops works: how to sell on social networks

How Facebook Shops works: what it is and how to use this very useful tool for selling products and services on social networks.

The main innovations of the last 10/15 years regarding the digital sphere can be summarized in two fundamental points: social networks And e-commerce sites. E-commerce has brought about a strong change in the world economic system, with the birth and subsequent multiplication of online shops, which have significantly changed customers' purchasing methods, thus taking a purely interactive direction. In fact, any type of product can be purchased with a click on the screen of your smartphone, conveniently, quickly and above all safely.

Not least were the so-called social interaction platforms, which represented a clear turning point compared to the past, greatly facilitating communication for millions and millions of users spread all over the world. These two parallel and close universes found a meeting point with the birth of Facebook Shops.

How Facebook Shops works

The social network created by Mar Zuckerberg continues to have a certain relevance in the panorama of online communication after more than a decade. This is also thanks to the great innovations that have been introduced year after year, including the e-commerce functionality.

What is Facebook Shops? It is a platform that allows businesses to use the official pages on Facebook ed Instagram  as if they were online stores, thus integrating the sale of products to consumers / followers. It is a very advantageous system for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to present themselves to the public, increasing the scope of their business.

So in simple terms it can be understood as a "ecommerce implemented within social networks”, where page managers can create a virtual shop adapting it to the brand interface, making it more similar to the image displayed. Furthermore, to ensure maximum efficiency, there is the possibility of introducing the function for reception of messages by users (for example product information or tracking of the incoming package) via the messaging app of the Facebook group, including Messenger and Whatsapp.

How to use Facebook Shops

In this virtual shop you can navigate through three entry routes:

  1. without distinction from Facebook and Instagram (the latter actually owned by the same holding company);
  2. from classic promotional banners;
  3. from Stories.

As a result, we can see the high possibility of reaching a very large number of potential customers. Users, like any e-commerce site, perform all the classic actions, such as saving the product and adding it to the cart, but with other very interesting options (especially for the seller), such as Live Shopping. Lets put a product tags which will be shown during a live broadcast (also on Instagram) where, by clicking on it, you can proceed with the purchase.

How Facebook Shops works

Facebook Shop Italia, a great opportunity for our companies

We have seen How Facebook Shops works and what are its main peculiarities, with benefits for ours too small and medium-sized enterprises, who can take advantage of an additional tool to sell and grow their business on the market

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