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Clubhouse moderators: the key role in managing audio-social conversations.

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The success of Clubhouse certainly lies in the fact that it is an audio social network, where users can participate in live conversations on the most disparate topics. But the real added value of Clubhouse are the moderators, i.e. the users who manage the conversations, avoiding falling into chaos and keeping the level of discussion high. In this article we will look at the role of moderators on Clubhouse, their tasks, their responsibilities and how to become a moderator.

Who are the Clubhouse moderators

I moderatori su Clubhouse sono utenti che hanno il compito di gestire e guidare le conversazioni all’interno delle stanze audio, veri e propri spazi di discussione dedicati a una specifica tematica o interesse. I moderatori sono identificati da un’icona speciale accanto al loro nome utente e possono aspirare a diventare influencers within the social network. Compared to other users, moderators can appoint other users to the role of speaker, to allow them to express their opinion on the topic discussed. Furthermore, they can also remove users from the room in case of violations of the rules of conduct or offensive speech.

The duties of Clubhouse moderators

The role of Clubhouse moderators is very important in managing conversations, especially when the room is very crowded and there are many users who want to intervene. The duties of the moderators are as follows:

1. Ensuring compliance with the rules of conduct: moderators must ensure that users respect the rules of conduct established by Clubhouse, such as the prohibition of insults or offensive speech.

2. Keep the conversation on track: Moderators must guide the conversation, asking questions and insights to avoid losing the thread of the conversation.

3. Give everyone the floor: moderators must ensure that all users have the opportunity to intervene, even those who join the room after the conversation has started.

4. Appoint speaker: moderators can nominate other users to the role of speaker, to allow them to express their opinion on the topic discussed.

5. Remove users: if a user does not respect the rules of conduct, the moderators can remove him from the room.

How to become a Clubhouse moderator

Becoming a moderator on Clubhouse isn't easy, but it's not impossible either. To do this you must be an active user and respect the rules of conduct of the social network. Furthermore, it is advisable to participate in conversations within the rooms and demonstrate leadership and discussion management skills. If a moderator notices your qualities, he or she might nominate you to the role of moderator.

To become a moderator it is also important to have experience in the field social media, knowledge of the theme of the room in which you intend to participate and be ready to manage any conflict or problematic situations. Furthermore, to become a successful moderator, it is important to know the tricks of the trade, such as how to earn the trust of users, how to keep the discussion level alive and how to avoid conflicting situations.

The benefits of being a Clubhouse moderator

Being a moderator on Clubhouse can provide numerous benefits, as well as a unique experience within the audio social network. First of all, becoming a moderator can mean obtaining more followers and therefore greater visibility within the social network. Furthermore, moderators can become real influencers, managing to gain the trust of users and their esteem thanks to their ability to manage conversations.

Being a moderator can also mean becoming a real authority on the topic of the room, acquiring new skills and knowledge. Finally, moderators can participate in events and conferences dedicated to the audio social network, having the opportunity to personally meet other users and exchange advice and suggestions.


In summary, Clubhouse moderators play a fundamental role in managing conversations within the audio social network. Their job is to guide the discussion, keep the level of discussion high and ensure compliance with the rules of conduct. Becoming a moderator is not easy, but it can guarantee numerous advantages, such as greater visibility and credibility within the social network. Anyone who wants to become a moderator must demonstrate discussion management and user guidance skills, acquiring experience and knowledge in the social media field.

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