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IGTV Instagram what it is and how to use it for your business

IGTV Instagram things and how a company can benefit from this service to promote its products and improve its relationship with customers.

It is definitely the strongest social network of the moment Instagram. Its reach has grown dramatically in recent years, to the point of surpassing its older brothers Facebook and Twitter in terms of numbers.
Large and small businesses have tried to take advantage of it from the beginning, specifically creating company profiles with the aim of interacting with the hundreds of millions of users who connect to them every day. L'opening an official page it is a good starting point, but the platform provides a series of very valid opportunities that can be used to increase the capacity of your business. The most innovative one in terms of results is IGTV.

IGTV Instagram what is it

IGTV Instagram what is it? This is an application that allows you to run videos with a longer running time to what normally happens with stories, the latter being another great innovation in recent years. Videos, which are played vertically, can last from a few seconds up to 1 hour.

It's enough easy to use. The user who wants to start recording or viewing other people's videos just needs to open the app. The contents will play immediately; a simple touch movement is enough to start viewing the videos made by the profiles you follow or which are trending at that moment.

This breath of change is due to the continuous growth of an interactive tool much appreciated by users. It can be understood as the official television of the US giant, capable of catalyzing a growing number of people. A mass of users that can tempt companies, eager to broaden their range of action.

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IGTV for businesses

After seeing IGTV Instagram what is it we can understand how this service can return useful for any business activity, from brands of international appeal to small businesses that operate in their own area.
It can represent a means to include within your marketing strategy, so as to get further closer to your target audience.

In this regard, we must take into account a phenomenon that characterizes a specific segment of the population, mainly those under 30 years of age. There viewing of contents occurs mainly online, leaving only crumbs to television and radio, with online videos continuing to grow in terms of views. In fact, the younger ones assist you via their smartphones at any time of the day.

Therefore a brand that wants to make use of this service must direct itself towards a young target. It is true that even older consumers are integrating daily use of the internet into their habits, but not yet at large levels.

IGTV Instagram, a great opportunity for your business

The use of IGTV marketing is particularly recommended for companies with large numbers on Instagram and with the followers following with an age younger than anta, especially teenagers and young people in their 20s.

Another significant element is the reference sector. An activity that focuses its business on marketing of goods or physical products, such as food, clothing or advertising promotion of accommodation facilities which require luse the video to put them on display.

Therefore the use of "Instagram TV" is strictly related to the communication strategy you intend to adopt. For these reasons, the elderly public would not currently be suitable for this context.

What is IGTV Instagram: tips for correct use

Below we summarize the focal points relating to how to use IGTV Instagram for businesses:

  • It is suitable for those who address a young target, with a large following of users and which offers products or services that need to be shown to the public;
  • The videos created must arouse interest, so that they can arouse curiosity and consequently optimally convey the brand's identity;
  • Content must be published consistently, but without exaggerating. A maximum of two videos per week is the most suitable value to avoid annoying the user, who may not like the high dissemination of the videos;

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