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The exclusive invitation to access the world of Clubhouse: how it works and how to get it.

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The exclusive invitation to access the world of Clubhouse: how it works and how to get it.

Clubhouse is the new audio social application that is attracting a lot of attention in recent months. Its peculiarity is to create audio rooms in which you can talk and listen to other users on various topics, from political debates to informal conversations, through networking events and live concerts.

Although it is new to the social app market, Clubhouse has already been valued at billions of dollars, but not everyone has access to it. The app is only available via invitations, and in this article we will see how you can access Clubhouse and what it is.

1. What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio platform where users can join via invitations to join rooms, also known as “rooms,” where other users talk about various topics. In Clubhouse, users can create their own rooms or join those already created by others, but only by joining via invitations. At the moment, the platform is only available for iOS.

2. How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse works as a kind of real-time conference call where users can talk or listen. Once you enter a room, you can only listen to the conversation, but if you want to speak, you must raise your hand and ask the moderator for permission. According to the rules established by the creator of the room, users can interact with other participants through the use of emojis.

3. How to get an invitation to Clubhouse?

To access Clubhouse, you must receive an invitation from a user already registered on the platform. However, you can also request an invitation via email to

After receiving the invitation, you need to download the app and register to create your profile. If none of your friends are on Clubhouse, you can find interested users in the application on Twitter or LinkedIn.

4. How does access to rooms on Clubhouse work?

To join a room in Clubhouse, you must be invited or have created your own room. Once inside, you can listen to and participate in other users' conversations. Users can also interact with moderators and create their own room to discuss a certain topic.

5. What are the advantages of Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a platform where users can connect with other people and talk about any topic informally. The platform is a great way to make personal and professional connections, network with influencers and thought leaders, and find food for thought on different topics.

What sets Clubhouse apart from other social platforms is the ability to connect through audio and talk in real time, without the pressure of having to share photos, write posts or respond to comments. The platform is the perfect social alternative for those who love real-time conversation and want to avoid the background noise typical of more traditional social networks.

FAQ about Clubhouse Exclusive Invite

1. What is a Clubhouse invitation?

An invitation to Clubhouse is a pass to access the Clubhouse audio platform. Users cannot register on Clubhouse without an invitation, which can be received directly from a user already on the app or by requesting one at

2. Can I share my invitation with other people?

Yes, users can share their invitation with other people. However, Clubhouse has tightened the restrictions on this type of exchange, limiting the number of invitations a user can initially offer to 2 and the number of people each user can send an invitation to to 3.

3. How can I access Clubhouse rooms?

To access the Clubhouse rooms, you must be invited by a user already present on the platform. Once inside, you can listen to and participate in other users' conversations.

4. Can I create my own room on Clubhouse?

Yes, users can create their own rooms on Clubhouse and invite others to join the conversation. Users can also choose whether their room is public or private, set the theme of the room and moderate the conversation.

5. What happens if I receive an invitation to Clubhouse but have an Android device?

Clubhouse is currently only available for iOS devices, so if you receive an invitation but have an Android device, you'll need to wait until the app is also available on the Android platform. However, Clubhouse has announced that it plans to expand to Android devices soon.

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