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Advertising on social networks: not just Facebook and Instagram

Advertising on social media network: what are the main alternatives to the most famous platforms with which to develop an effective and winning advertising strategy.

Browsing social media is an action that each of us performs many times during the day. Share a post, chat, see the latest news scroll on the home page etc. they are an example of what a user usually does. But we should not focus solely on this point of view. By far it represents much more, especially in terms of marketing and growth for companies and freelancers, who can show off themselves in the eyes of thousands and thousands of consumers, thus taking advantage of such a powerful and influential tool for their business.
Therefore they act as a large catchment area from which to draw your audience who will become active consumers.

A very specific aspect emerges from all this: it is essential for any brand to be present on social networks. Not only on the main names, but also on those considered niche but which equally can represent a great opportunity not to be missed.

Advertising on social networks

We all know the potential of major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which alone host millions of active profiles. Therefore any company places great interest in doing advertising on social media. Ma non bisogna focalizzarsi unicamente sui nomi più conosciuti. Vi sono infatti numerose alternative, magari di minor richiamo, ma che presentano un’ottima possibilità di crescita per il proprio business. E’ il caso di TikTok, Youtube e Pinterest.

Advertising on social media: the main alternatives

advertising on social media


Short video clips, effects, visual filters and a mimed musical background in playback: these are the main peculiarities of TikTok, the social network of the moment, with exponential growth throughout the world in the last 24 months, including in our country. The main users are children and adolescents, with an average age below the age of majority. So it can be seen as an excellent communication channel for those brands having a almost young target.

Large and small companies should immediately exploit the opportunities that this social network is able to offer, especially at a time when it is highly popular, by starting collaborations with the main influencers or alternatively by opening an official page using TikTok Ads, the platform intended for advertisers with which to manage advertising centrally.


How can we forget the main, most famous video sharing service in the world, a true icon of the internet. At the same time, especially freelancers and small brands, prefer to use other social networks, neglecting YouTube. Very serious mistake not to be made.

In fact, video is an excellent means of conveying a product and the characteristics of the services offered, for example through product placement within the contents created by the influencers or through their reviews. This is an ideal solution for advertising on social networks, with the visual impact aimed at capturing even more attention than traditional textual content. Furthermore, it can be posted on other platforms, consequently increasing visibility.


Do advertising on social media with Pinterest it can be a good solution for obvious reasons. First of all, the fact that it is a space in which the content is put in the foreground. This conveys the interest of the user, who can save the most liked photos and videos, collecting them based on the topic and category of interest.

But the flagship for businesses is Business Pinterest, with the opening of an official page where content and sponsorships can be published, as well as managing the entire promotional campaign.

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