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Stories on social networks

Stories on social networks: what is the significant weight of one of the most innovative services of recent years and why it should be implemented within your advertising strategy.

Social networks represent a solid constant that has characterized the socio-economic sphere of the current era. A solid presence easily found in everyday life, with users from all over the world who interact within these platforms at any time of the day.

There are currently over a hundred of them, but only a small number attract the attention of almost the entire world population. Facebook was the first to achieve extraordinary success, equaled and even surpassed by Instagram. But we can also include TikTok, Snapchat, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp etc. All these are very different realities from each other, with a target and a different use depending on the purpose of use. But at the same time for some of them it is possible to find an element in common, such as to represent one of the greatest innovations to exploit for one's marketing strategy: the stories on social networks.

Stories on social networks

Between most popular content from the users of these platforms we must certainly mention the Stories on social media. These are short photos and videos that are automatically deleted 24 hours after their publication. I am considered as a daily diary with which to share the day's news, advertise content, etc.

The founder social network to have used this tool was Snapchat, but it is with the instagram Stories that numbers have skyrocketed, with hundreds of millions of users around the world taking they post or view a story at any time. Subsequently, Facebook also put this service into practice, followed closely by Whatsapp stories And Youtube stories, also present in the instant messaging app (in the recent updates section) and in the video sharing platform, where they are receiving excellent feedback.

stories sui social network
Instagram is the social network that has brought success to story content

What are stories: a valid opportunity in the advertising field

Stories on social networks are considered an excellent means of communication by people influencers, with which to build loyalty with your followers. One way to make the public participate of its initiatives, thus maintaining high interest in the brand.

Even large brands and small and medium-sized businesses have begun to understand its enormous potential, in order to exploit this format to advertise. An excellent means with which to implement a advertising campaign aimed at arousing curiosity the potential consumer, so that he can feel more similar to the service or product that is shown to him. An aspect demonstrated by the mind-boggling numbers, with views skyrocketing every day.

It's not just the big brands that have a very large following that have to take advantage of this great opportunity. Even the small shop owner can benefit from this service, as it is an expedient with which to capture the attention of the profiles from which one is followed.

How to publish stories on social networks

When creating a story on the various platforms it is advisable to stick to some precautions. First you have to prefer an interface that is well suited to the logo of its brand, so that it can be easily identifiable by the public. Visual effects are a good solution to capture attention, as are musical motifs.

Furthermore, to make your "followers" participate, it may be convenient to include polls and questions ad hoc (ad esempio come avviene su ig stories). Allo stesso modo è opportuno variare la tipologia dei contenuti in base alla piattaforma nella quale verranno pubblicati. Facebook è indicta per quelli più formali, Instagram per un pubblico più giovanile e sbarazzino. Tuttavia chi desidera pubblicare su questi due social gli stessi contenuti può avvalersi della funzionie “condividi su Facebook” presente su IG.

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