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Clubhouse moderators: the key role in managing audio-social conversations.

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The success of Clubhouse certainly lies in the fact that it is an audio social network, where users can participate in live conversations on the most disparate topics. But the real added value of Clubhouse are the moderators, i.e. the users who manage the conversations, avoiding falling into chaos and maintaining the level of discussion [...]

The new frontier of online conversations

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In recent years, online conversations have become increasingly common and frequent, thanks to social networks and instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram. But now there's a new frontier: Clubhouse audio rooms. Clubhouse is an application that allows you to participate in real-time audio conversations on various topics. The […]

Clubhouse how it works: the new social network that is advancing

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How Clubhouse works: what are the peculiarities of the new social network that is attracting the attention of millions of users and how it differs from other competitors. For the past fifteen years, social media have become the main tools used in communication today. It all started with Facebook, the first to reach high numbers [...]

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